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Ramblings! No.3 30 March 2017

Here is the latest extract from our nonsensical typos! Enjoy! Read More

Gordon & Rumsby Ramblings! 22 March 2017

Welcome to our Ramblings! This will be a semi-regular feature whereby we share some of our favourite made up words or phrases that have been born as a result of over enthusiastic typing (errors!). We hope you enjoy them! We"ll kick it off with, the infamous: skeptic tank. Read More

Ramblings! No.2 22 March 2017

Another cheeky slice of Ramblings! Read More

THANK YOU! 13 March 2017

We just wanted to say a very big, warm, fluffy THANK YOU to all of our fantastic clients and colleagues for all their support, business and frienship over the past 8 years. We had a mini celebration after hitting our 5th year at our Colyton office and it was lovely to see so many familiar faces coming to share a glass or two with us.... Read More

Feel Good Friday Flowers 03 March 2017

What a lovely way to end the week. Very kindly, one of our recent happy clients brought us these absolutely beautiful white roses and tulips! There"s something very peaceful and serene about white roses...which is exactly what we need at the end of a busy week - so thank you very much! Read More

Another Thankful Thursday! 23 February 2017

Its almost the weekend again and things have been speeding along at the Gordon & Rumbsy office. We"ve had a flurry of valuations the past few weeks and lots of people popping into the office which is absolutely fab and keeping us on our toes! We had another lovely surprise today from a happy client, which put big smiles on all of our faces.... Read More

GoodNewsTues! 21 February 2017

Hello everyone! We"re getting on board with all this "hashtag" malarkey which means that today, when we had a stunning and unexpected flower delivery, we felt it only right to spread the good news, on a Tues(day). This absolutely beautiful bouquet came out of the blue from one of our lovely customers, to say thank you for our continued hard work.... Read More

Moving On Up! 21 February 2017

Another bit of #GoodNewsTues - RightMove told us recently that we"ve been ranked as No.3 out of 29 Estate Agents in our patch, which is just fantastic! We may only have one office and a small team BUT we are living proof that it is in fact QUALITY not quantity that gets results and leaves us all smiling!... Read More

Lovely Flower Card Arrived 25 November 2016

We had a lovely surprise in the post this week with the arrival of a "Flower Card". I haven"t seen one of these before but the packaging was beautiful and what a delightful surprise - sent from one of our vendors following completion of the sale of their little cottage in Colyton. Read More

New - Virtual Tours for All our Properties 07 July 2016

We will very soon have virtual tours available for all our properties. Cut and paste this link to your browser to watch one of them now: http://www.gordonandrumsby.co.uk/property-for-sale-westaway-road-colyton-pi2-GORD758.htm Read More

Heraldic Banners of Colyton 30 June 2016

Colyton is looking very inviting this summer with the new Heraldic banners now in place. The banners represent many important families from Colyton"s historic past and will be displayed from June til mid September every year. There is a booklet available for sale from The Little Shop containing information about the Coats of Arms that feature on the banners.... Read More

When the Going Gets Tough... 17 May 2016

The Gordon"s weekend took an unexpectedly happy turn on Saturday when we were lucky enough to get last minute tickets to see Billy Ocean at Cricket St Thomas. This was mainly due to my husbands sneaky cheek along along with the fact that a very good friend of ours worked with Billy Ocean back in the day.... Read More