Coastal Properties

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My early career was in the City of London selling Japanese bonds and derivatives to pension funds worldwide. Working very long hours enabled me to buy my first property at the age of 18.

In 1989 my son was sadly born with brain damage, therefore I could not continue my career. Two daughters later I had bought and sold a number of properties. A chance meeting with a local estate agent led to me working in their Leigh on Sea office and the estate agency bug began! My own experience in buying and selling led to an understanding of the whole procedure but also enabled me to empathise with both buyers and sellers during what can be a very stressful process.

In 2003 my husband, three children and various pets left the ‘rat race’ and bought a 100 acre farm in Musbury, East Devon. Having never farmed before it was an incredible learning curve but one of immense enjoyment.

Another chance meeting led to me being interviewed by Fortnam Smith and Banwellin Lyme Regis and I became their new manager. After a successful time there it became impossible to juggle a full time job, jointly running a farm and a family.

A few years on after running a bed and breakfast on the farm (we became the no.1 B & B in the South West) I met Julie through a mutual contact.

Gordon and Rumsby was launched in 2009. We became a very successful business in a short time with our emphasis on honesty and professionalism. Once again life took over and my son became very ill,therefore I had to stand down.

Life has moved on, the farm was sold and I am now fortunate to live in Charmouth. All three children have left home and after helping Julie in busier times it was nice to hear so many people (both vendors and buyers) commenting that it was a shame I was no longer in the business. The bug was back! I am now extremely excited to be heading the new Gordon and Rumsby Coastal Department and will be specialising in properties in both Lyme Regis and Charmouth. I have the same ethos as Julie and wish to offer an honest, professional and friendly service to all our new ‘coastal’ clients.”